Frequently Asked Questions

I forgot to include something in my order, can I add on some items?

If we haven't shipped your order yet we will do what we can to accommodate your request.  Please contact us as soon as possible.  Typically, we will have you place a new order for the extra items and refund the difference in shipping.

Can you color match elastic to fabric?

Yes! We can match elastics to your fabric by either you sending us a fabric sample or we can send you small samples of the elastics. 

Can you custom dye elastics?

Yes! We can also have custom colors dyed to match your project. Just email for the specifics and one on one communication. 

What is the elastic headband sizing?


Newborn- 13"

0-6 Months - 15"

12 Months to Toddler - 16"

Older Children to Adult - 17-18”

What is the elastic hair tie sizing?

Toddlers - 8"

Child - 9"

Adults - 10”

 What comes in an elastic grab bag?

Grab bags are an assortment of one yard strands in random colors. Each grab bag is different since it's an assortment of colors. It is possible some colors will repeat but we try to avoid doing that. We also include extra inches on some to maximize the amount of elastic. This means some yards have anywhere from 36 inches to 50 inches on them. We prepackage them so they are ready to ship quickly. 

What size elastic do the adjusters fit?

The round adjusters fit 1/8” elastics.

The heart adjusters fit 1/8” elastics

The star adjusters fit 1/8” elastics.

The tube adjusters fit 1/8” and 1/4” elastics. 

The round, heart, and star adjuster can fit the 1/4” elastic but it is a tight fit. Please see pictures for the look on each elastic size. 

How can I get the adjusters on the elastic?

Methods you can use to pull elastic through:

  • use a loop turner
  • use a small crochet hook
  • use a large blunt needle with floss for easy threading
  • use a bobby pin

What elastic colors match the adjusters?

 Round adjusters:

Light Pine - Light Green, Light Pine, and Acid elastics.

Dark Mint - Mineral, Icy Mint, Mint

Mint - Mint, Icy Mint, Ocean, Mineral

Nile - Mineral, Nile, Icy Mint, Light Nile

Cobalt - Electric, Blue, Cobalt, Smokey

Aegean - Aegean, Turquoise

Tornado - Dark Teal, Teal (the elastic a smidge greener)

Navy - Light Navy, Navy, Metallic Navy

Acid - Acid, Apple

Glow in the Dark - Has a slight yellowish greenish shade 

Light Navy - Denim, Light Navy

Light Blue - Ocean, Blue Mist, Baby Blue, Metallic Blue

Baby Blue - Blue Mist, Baby Blue, Metallic Blue

Capri - Baby Blue, Smokey (slightly darker)

Teal - Teal, Bright Real, Jade, Dark Teal, Aqua

Green - 

Light Raspberry - Pink, Dusty Pink, Peony

Purple - Vivid, Light Purple, Grape, Purple, Purple Rain

Light Purple - Light Purple, Lavender, Purple Mist

Mauve - Blush, LF Cameo, LF Mauve, LF Taupe, LF Lt Orchid, LF Lt Amethyst

Lavender - Peony, LF Lt Amethyst, LF Lt Orchid

Wine - Rosewood, Burgundy, Wine, LF Wine

Light Pink - Creamy Peach, LF Lt Pink, LF Cameo, LF Soft Baby Pink, LF Powder Pink

Shocking Pink - Fuchsia, Shocking pink, Dark Azalea, Rosewood, Metallic Fuchsia

Azalea - Azalea, Raspberry Plum, 

Hot Pink - Hot Pink, Bright Pink, Watermelon, Flur. Pink, Passion Fruit, Pink Coral

Red - Bright Red, La Rosa, Red, LF Red

Bright Orange - Lt Orange, Orange, Tangerine, LF Orange, Sunkissed Coral

Bright Pink - Bubblegum, Peony, Pink (a little pinker)

Lemon - Lemon, Yellow, Pastel Yellow

Moss - Moss

Spring Moss - Spring Moss, Sweet Pea, LF Sage, Light Pine

Orange - Orange, Pumpkin, LF Orange

Creamy Peach - Creamy Peach, Metallic Rosegold

Powder Pink - LF Powder Pink, LF Light Orchid, Icy Pink

Light Mauve - Blush, LF Cameo, LF Mauve

Dark Charcoal - Dark Charcoal, Charcoal, Dark Grey

Grey - Slate, Grey, Silver

Silver - Silver, Slate, Metallic Silver

Natural - Natural, Tan (adjuster darker), Ginger

Brown - Dark Brown, Brown, Golden Brown, Latte, LF Chocolate Chip, Chipmunk, LF Brown

Cream - Cream, Ivory, Metallic Champagne, Khaki, LF Tan, Off White 

Light Brown - Natural, Khaki, LF Chocolate Chip

Black - Black

White - White

Clear - All Colors

TUBE - Fits 1/8”, 1/4”, Latex Free

 Shocking Pink - Camilla, Dark Azalea, Metallic Fuchsia

Light Raspberry - Tulip, Pink, Bloom

Purple - Vivid, Delphinium, Purple (adjuster slightly pink), LF Purple

Acid - Light Green

Green - Green, Light Green

Lemon - Lemon, Metallic Yellow

Bright Pink - 

Hot Pink - Flur. Coral, Flur. Pink, Coral

Light Purple - Lilac, Delphinium

Navy - Navy, Light Navy, Metallic Navy

Light Navy - Denim, Light Denim, Light Navy

Emerald - Emerald

Tornado - Tornado, Teal, Bright Teal

Teal - Jade, Aqua, Teal, Bright Teal, Nile

Azalea - Garden Rose, Raspberry Plum

Aegean - Aegean, Turquoise

Denim - Light Denim, Columbia

Mint - Mint, Pastel Blue, Light Blue

Aqua - Light Blue, Aqua (adjuster lighter)

Ocean - Blue Mist, Light Blue, Pastel Blue

Baby Blue - Bluebird, Blue Mist, Pastel Blue, Metallic Blue

Moss - Sage, Moss

Spring Moss - Soft Pine

Brown - Brown

Electric - Metallic Cobalt, Cobalt

Charcoal - Charcoal, Metal

Grey - Silver, Metal

Light Pink - Pastel Pink

Tangerine - Golden Yellow, Tangerine

Orange - Orange, Light Orange, Russet Orange

Red - Bright Red, Metallic Red, Red, LF Red, 

Glow in the Dark - All Colors 

Powder Pink - LF Powder Pink

White - White

Clear - All Colors

Black - Black

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