Waxed Irish Linen Thread 2 Ply

Waxed Irish linen thread is the finest quality 100 % linen thread on the market. It is made from the flax plant, which is the strongest natural fiber used in thread making. The wax acts as a protective coating to reduce wear and tear on the thread.

It also gives the thread strength, body, and a beautiful sheen. Waxed Irish Linen is a strong, wax-coated cloth thread woven from flax fiber that is difficult to break and holds a knot extremely well.

The slender yet strong nature of Waxed Irish Linen makes it ideal for passing through small holes and slender loops and allows for intricate and unique knots.

In addition to jewelry making, Waxed Irish Linen is widely used in sewing leather, book binding, macrame, basket weaving and for building model ships.


  • The 2 ply thread measures approximately .52mm
  • It is a Usual S twist - if you hold the cord in the left hand and twist with your right it is twisted away from you. If you twist toward you, it comes un-plied.
  • Full spool measures approximately 190-200 yards.

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